Digital Art: technoMetamorphosis by Rob Harle

About the Artist

Rob Harle is an artist, writer and researcher. His academic work involves research into the philosophy of Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and the nature of Embodiment. Artwork, Biography and selected writings are available from his web

Artist’s Statement Concerning These Artworks:

I see my artwork as a kind of documentation of the technoMetamorphosis, this word describes the terrifying and exhilarating process of the irrevocable changes technology is bringing about for all humans.

My artwork now consists solely of digital images – some are created entirely with the computer, others a manipulation of my original photographs and sculptures using various computer programs and techniques. These explore my concerns about our cyborg, transhuman and posthuman future. Human beings are balancing on the edge of a truly new abyss. Through genetic, chemical and computer engineering we have to

decide what we will become. The old myths perpetuated by bureaucratic-authoritarian religious organizations, Newtonian style reductionist, non-holistic scientific investigation, and messianic, capitalist economic policy represent unsustainable practices and ideologies, which if continued, will bring about the extinction of humanity. I try to create a dynamic tension in my images between being human and the technology we create. The essence of my work is perfectly described by Dollens, “his images have a narrative quality that interlocks the technical and metaphysical creating a space of oscillating dialogue giving them depth and mystery”. I hope my new work will evoke in others an increased awareness of the ramifications of our fledgling technoMetamorphosis.”

The following brief descriptions are not complete just to help access the meaning of the works:


1 – After The Singularity: The Singularity is that proposed point when technology, especially computers, take over from humans and manage themselves. Actual image inspired by the film Powaqqatsi.



2 – Cyborg Dreaming: The cyborg, a part machine, part android creature is shown thinking about science, digital matrices and the solar system.



3 – Silicone Messiah: The Messiah has come again, based on the Christian myth, only this time from within the digital environment or all-integrating quantum field. The skull is evidence of the impending demise of humanity as we know it.



4 – Game Over #2: This android/alien/cyborg figure is indicating that the old authoritarian bureaucratic religions are finished, the centuries old game of lies is over.



5 – U Run and U Run: These android/robotic figures are running in a centrifuge like machine getting nowhere, like the Pink Floyd song which partly inspired it.



6 –We Are Worried About Your future:These two androids, sitting like concerned old mums, are warning of the impending destruction of humanity through unsustainable industrial and energy practices.



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