An Introduction into Earth Giants

Graham Russell

Independent researcher on Earth Giants, United Kingdom

Volume 8, Number 1, 2016 I Full Text PDF




Earth Giants (Landscape Giants) are created and formed by the mountains and hills and were at one time believed to represent the living and sleeping forms of our ancestors, gods and mythical beings. Earth giants have mainly survived today through the telling of ancient stories, legends and traditions, and have only really survived because we can still see their presence in the landscape. In this paper, I shall reveal a well kept and explosive secret that has been preserved through ancient sites, traditions and religions through successions of generations of ancient peoples all over the world. Students of ancient religions sensed secrets in the landscape, and many others intuitively sought the secret knowledge of this antiquity, a secret landscape that has been documented in ancient and old sources which literally-clearly confirms the former existence of these earth giants whose key had long since been lost.

Despite the generations of change over the centuries, this secret knowledge of the landscape has remained fairly quiet and secretive, yet the knowledge of these earth giants has remained intact and is only waiting to be rediscovered again. Earth giants are startling things; so startling to our present state of knowledge and climate of thought that many dismiss them out of hand without examining the evidence. But this reception is not unusual for discoveries that are destined to expand.

This introduction into earth giants is a brief account and comes from a vast amount of work, with over 23 years of thorough research. My quest in writing this paper is to highlight to the reader, the real reasons why the landscape has been, since ancient times, associated with being sacred and holy land. The reader is introduced to a plethora of mysteries, myths, inspirational theories and photo evidence. So sit back and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure into this world of earth giants and their mysteries.

 The Face of Grande et Petite Glière, Vanoise National Park, France

Ancient peoples considered many geological features and processes as the work of giants, gods and goddesses, thus, the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians and other peoples made remarkable discoveries by simply personifying geological processes found all around the earth. The heroic events of creation and transformation do not depend only on the recollection of ancient traditions. They live on in the shape of the land itself. The storyteller’s landscape also provides an effective mental map of a tribal homeland, colored and textured with places where supernatural events occurred…Full Text PDF

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