Proposal for Creating a New Journal

The AesthetixMS is inviting proposals for the creation of new academic journals from individuals, scholarly societies and institutions in any field. Write to the Publisher ( with the following information:

[fa type=”check-circle”] Description of the proposed journal, name, broad discipline, its scope, global readership, frequency/size of the journal and type of articles to be published etc.

[fa type=”check-circle”] Academic and commercial Justification of the need for the proposed journal.

[fa type=”check-circle”] Availability of papers and funds

[fa type=”check-circle”] A list of few existing journals in the same field.

[fa type=”check-circle”] Proposal for the management of the journal: editorial board, reviewers, availability of expertise in journal management etc.

[fa type=”check-circle”] Nature of the journal production: individuals joining AesthetixMS , societies or institutions collaborating with AesthetixMS.

Who Can Apply?

  • Person/s representing a university/college/department/society can apply for collaborative or exclusive journals.
  • Person/s interested in creating a journal in the emerging fields of a discipline can apply.

Journal Rank

Rupkatha has been ranked by Scopus and Scimago:

  • World Rank: 66 (Arts and Humanities)
  • Rank in the Asiatic Region: 13 (Arts and Humanities)