Rupkatha Humanities International Conference 2018


The Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities is celebrating its 10th glorious year of open access publication for dissemination and promotion of scholarly interests and contents. The Journal has become an internationally recognized platform for sharing scholarly researches for authors from all over the world and is now committedly hosted by the most renowned indexing organizations, including the Web of science and Scopus Indexes for research.

Rupkatha shall now organize the Rupkatha Humanities International Conference 2018, an international conference with the objective of vocalizing the most burning global issues that are raising concerns on our exacerbating socio-political systems and scenarios. The conference will be held in Kolkata, India the city of the sacred Ganges and the most stirring heritage sites of a strong book culture.


How should we address the problems confronting a sustained, non-hierarchical, equitable justice for all people on our planet? Our inaugural conference intends to open another front for sharing knowledge and experience and creating a strong and dedicated community of scholars.

After 18 years into the new century we also feel that there is a serious need to reconsider the boundaries of humanities and the social sciences, in terms of emerging inter-disciplinary, or even anti-disciplinary approaches. Academic practice, for instance, has long been restricted to the static boundaries of big investment cultures.

In an age of convergence, separation of disciplines on the basis of language, nation, technology is no longer desired from academic and professional perspectives. We would like to see scholars engage in emerging issues of a multiplex, anekanta culture of the humanities and the social sciences.


The Rupkatha consortium invites impactful discussion through academic papers, speech writing and panel presentations on the areas relevant to our conference. The Conference shall address issues like Woke, Frontiers, Dalit literature, Populism, Ecology, and any or all underpinning ideologies of global survival. Papers on literature, art, social and political issues are welcome.

It is also the avowed intention of Rupkatha to re-format and promote academic papers for a more media oriented presentation that reaches out more directly, honestly and evocatively for people across the spectrum.

Presentations could include other media formats like video-art or digital and interactive narrative or media. Papers and narratives are normally written in English, but translation projects are also encouraged.

Areas of Submission

  • Questioning the disciplines: Inter-disciplinarity and Anti-disciplinarity
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Arts
  • Digital Humanities: Arts, Literature and the Digital Media
  • Cultural Studies
  • Emerging Critical Theories involving Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Performance Studies
  • Gender Studies: critical discussion, case study, survey.
  • Aesthetic Studies: critical discussion, casestudy, computational analysis
  • Crisis of the indigenous languages and literature in the postglobal world
  • Astro-aesthetics, Architecture and Astronomy, Archaeoastronomy.
  • Environmental Studies and the theories of Evolution
  • Animal Studies: Ethics, Aesthetics, Sports, Civilization and Biodiversity


Abstracts on intended presentations of no more than 300 words should be sent to no later than the 15th of May, 2018.

Accepted proposals shall be notified by the 31st of May 2007.

Complete papers shall have to be submitted through the Rupkatha portal by October 31st 2018.

Please consult our website for submission guidelines and templates.


Selected papers shall be published in both special print and electronic editions of Rupkatha for worldwide distribution.


Please be in touch for more updates.

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