Women under Erasure and Reassertion of the Hindu Patriarchal Gender Polarity: a Study of the Late 19th and the Early 20th Century Social Reform Movements

Sagrolikar Kapil Irwantrao

PhD Scholar, the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. ORCID: 0000-0002-4375-2267. Email:

Volume 9, Number 4, 2017 I Full Text PDF

DOI: 10.21659/rupkatha.v9n4.12

Received July 17, 2017; Revised November 24, 2017; Accepted November 30, 2017; Published December 09, 2017.


This paper unearths the way the late nineteenth and early twentieth century social reform movements and related contestations have endeavoured to (re)assert, (re)sanction and (re)claim male supremacy, male dominance on the one hand and on the other hand ventured to prolong Hindu women’s dependence, marginalization and the perennial subdued life. Women’s life, role and social status had been what Derrida calls, “under erasure”. On the one hand, it has been accepted to exist with equal honour, respect, right and dignity on par with the men in the society and at the same time their dependence on male, marginalization and secondary position has always been practised. Subsequently this play of acceptance and denial has helped patriarchy to persist women’s lifelong subdued status and role.

Keywords: quasi-emancipation, reform from within, assenting voices of dissent, women as site, white woman’s brown burden.

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