Effectiveness of Advertisements: Comparative Analysis of Celebrity Endorsed Advertisements verses Animated Character Endorsed Advertisements

Solanki Sandip P., Symbiosis International University, Pune, India
Sheth  Bhagyashree, Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, India   

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This Study is mainly done in order to find out the relative effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Advertisements verses Animated Character Endorsed Advertisements on the purchase intention of children. Further, the Study is done for the same product and for the low involvement food product. The study finds that the impact of animated and cartoon characters in Advertisements is more than that of celebrities in advertisements especially for low-involvement food product category.

Keywords: Celebrity endorsed, Animated character, Children, Purchase intention, Television, Print, Advertisements.

Cities of Struggle and Resistance: The Image of the Palestinian City in Modern Arabic Poetry

Saddik M.Gohar, UAE University, UAE

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This paper aesthetically articulates the representation of the Palestinian city in modern Arabic poetry in order to argue that while Arab -and non-Arab poets-incorporate  variety of attitudes toward the city ,  the presentation of the Palestinian city reveals a radical difference from the rest of Arabic and non-Arabic poetry  due to the peculiar history of struggle, resistance and victimization characterizing life in the Palestinian metropolis.  To the Palestinian poets, in particular, the city is part of a homeland they have lost or a refugee camp that has been resisting the invaders for decades.  Contrary to western cities  inhabited by alien residents such as Eliot’s Prufrock, or Arab cities populated by strangers, outsiders, whores, outcasts and political prisoners  as in the literary  cities of Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab  and Ahmed Abdul-Muti  Hejazi , the Palestinian city is inhabited by heroes and martyrs.  These heroes who appear in contemporary Palestinian poetry and take different shapes personify the struggle and resistance of a nation that has frequently refused to surrender at times of crisis.  Representing the spirit of the Palestinian people confronting  a world replete with  treachery and hypocrisy,  the Palestinian city and its nameless heroes , in contemporary Arabic  poetry, is an embodiment of  an eternal and unlimited Palestinian dream , the dream of return, rebirth and liberation.  In this context, the paper affirms that unlike Arab cities which are associated with decadence, corruption, exploitation and moral bankruptcy, the Palestinian city,  due to the Palestinian history of exile, resistance, victimization and pain, is viewed in Arabic/Palestinian poetry as a location of heroism,  struggle, defiance and martyrdom.