Intermedial Analysis of V. Tsoy’s Rock Album ‘Blood Type’

Svetlana Andreevna Petrova

Senior Lecturer, sub-department of Literature and Russian Language, Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin. Email:

Volume 8, Number 3, 2016 I Full Text PDF

DOI: 10.21659/rupkatha.v8n3.25

Received April 11, 2016; Revised July 07, 2016; Accepted July 25, 2016; Published August 18, 2016


The paper aims to present a possibility of the intermedial analysis of Viktor Tsoy’s rock album “Blood Type”. The rock-album is analyzed as a literary cycle, and different intertextual connections with literary traditions are demonstrated in it. The poet shows the specific art world in which there is a new character like Hamlet, who tries to perceive the world out of illusions. Victor Tsoy used myth and intertext to open the new philosophical problems of the world and also artistic possibilities of music.

Keywords: Intermediality, Victor Tsoy, Poetry, Rock-Poetry, Rock Album, Cyclization.

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