About the Name

Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (ISSN 0975-2935) is a non-profit non-commercial open access e-journal, featuring peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on interdisciplinary cross-currents in the humanities. This electronic journal derives its name from ‘rup’ (form) and ‘katha’ (words), which, when combined, mean ‘myth’ in Bengali. The journal gets its inspiration from the etymology and goes by the principle that anything which has a form, visual or mental, can come under focus.

Why Open Access?

Rupkatha started as an open access initiative in India in 2008 and continues to support and spread awareness about OA in India and abroad. We have firm conviction in Open Access philosophy and strongly support Open Access Initiatives. Rupkatha has signed on to the Budapest Open access Initiative. In conformity with this, the content of publications is primarily guided by the open nature of knowledge, and the journal is free to access from any corner of the world.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities?

We have selected Interdisciplinary Studies because we think it “is the need of the hour”. “The fundamental idea for interdisciplinarity derives” as our Chief Editor Explains, “from an evolutionary necessity; namely the need to confront and interpret complex systems. To put it simply this means that [a] the entities that we investigate within the environment of contemporary science are perceived to be more like organic or inter-related complexes. The entity that is studied [say like one from logistics, or psychiatry, or dietary cuisine, for examples] can no longer be analyzed in terms of an object of ‘biology’ or ‘chemistry’, but as a contending hierarchy of components which could be studied under the rubric of multiple or variable branches of knowledge.” We publish original works and critical writings on the following area:
English Literature, Literature Written in Other Languages, New Literature in English, Indian Writings in English, Colonial and Postcolonial Literature, Cultural Studies, Critical Theories, Aesthetic Studies, Literature and Environment , Visual Arts, Digital Art, Photography, History of Art.


Triannual (April, August, December)

Peer Review

All the materials submitted with Rupkatha go through Double Blind Peer Review Process and suitable writings are referred by the reviewers.

Call for Papers

Calls for publications are advertised on the international CFP sites for scholars from all over the world. The call for papers can be posted, reposted, forwarded and advertised by anybody on any form of the media. For getting CFPs automatically at your mail box, subscribe with us for free here. Contact us for submission of articles at editor@rupkatha.com. Read detailed guidelines or Download the guidelines

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