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No Submission Fees

Rupkatha is a non-profit initiative. We do NOT charge author Article Processing Fee or Membership Fee. Authors will NOT be paid any amount for publication.

Submission Process

We accept only electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents. Authors are requested to preserve one copy of soft file and send the same file as attachment both to the Chief Editor and the Editor at: and If no reply comes within three days, please resend it to The authors need to send a declaration via e-mail that they have read the Terms and Conditions and will go by the same, and that the attached article is not being currently considered for publication by other publishing agencies.

Authentication of Affiliation

For Authors in Service: Authors must include a link to the website of the institution in their bio-note. If any institution does not have a website, the author needs to send us Authentication Certificate of Affiliation either in the form of a scanned Certificate or an email sent directly by the  Head of the institution to and only if his/her papers is accepted for publication after review.

For Research Scholars: Since research scholars are expected to prepare their papers under the guidance of their Supervisors and since their  institutional affiliation information are printed on the journal, a Research Scholar, only after final selection of article for publication, MUST send Authentication Certificate issued by the Supervisor certifying that the scholar is working under the him/her in that particular institution. The certificate can be either in the form of a scanned Certificate or an email sent directly by the  Supervisor  to and

For Independent Scholars: Independent scholars need to send name, email id and phone number of a referee, who can be contacted in case of any clarification.


File Types:
We process the following doc (text) and image files:

  • Text formats: Ms Word 97—2007, Open Office Documents.
  • Image format: Jpeg.

Format of the Articles:
We want authors to follow strictly the APA style ( while preparing the articles (Quick guidelines can be found here). Authors are requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

  • Full Title with subtitle, if any.
  • An abstract of the article of about 100-150 words.
  • Heading, sub-headings, illustrations should be well accommodated within the main body of the article.
  • 5000, inclusive of notes and references.
  • Please use Footnotes, not Endnotes. Referencing must follow APA style.
  • Please download the following SAMPLE ARTICLE TEMPLATE for preparing your article.

Book Review

  • Word-limit: 1500-2000 words
  • Format: APA

Editorial Help
We help authors in preparing their articles. For this, author needs to specify this in advance. Our editorial staff will contact the author and try to solve problem.

The journal is published in the English language and we accept both UK and US spellings. Authors should refrain themselves from using racist and sexist terms.

Visual Images
We encourage the authors to incorporate visual images like diagram, maps and pictures in their writings in innovative ways so that the reader get some sort of multimedia experience. All kinds of visual images should be treated as ‘Figures’, and if possible, authors are requested to present the figures in hyperlinked state.
Authors should note that they should get, before submission, the permission from the concerned person or authority for reproducing the visual images. We will not remain responsible for any kind of copyright violation on the part of the authors.

Peer Review Process:

We follow a strict double-blind reviewing of the submitted works. We promise to conceal always the identity of both the reviewers and the author from both parties. Primarily the submitted articles will be considered by the editors for the confirmation of the standard and the scope of the journal. If any submitted article fails to fulfil primary standard, the same will be rejected and the author will be communicated the decision promptly. If the editors are satisfied, they will select two or more reviewers for detailed consideration of the articles. Receipt of works is acknowledged as soon as possible (within 3 days). If you do not get any reply, resend the mail . Decision on a submitted article along with reviewers’ comments will be communicated to the author within 3 months. The editors may advise the author to revise the article for publication.

Plagiarism Policy and Article Removal Policy:

We hate plagiarism. In case any article is found to be plagiarised before publication, we will blacklist the author. Even after publication if any article is found to be plagiarised or reported by anybody to be plagiarised, we will REMOVE the article with a notice for the misdeed of the author. 

Updated on 29 April, 2015.