Volume VII, Number 2, 2015

  • Volume VII, Number2, 2015
  • Robert Clive and Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey, 1757, by Francis Hayman (1708–1776). Courtesy Wikimedia
    Robert Clive and Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey, 1757, by Francis Hayman (1708–1776). Courtesy Wikimedia
    Themed Issue (Volume VII, Number 2, 2015) on
    “Desire and Deceit: India in the Europeans’ Gaze”
    In collaboration with
    Imagology Centre, University of Alba-Iulia, Romania
    Guest Editors
    Diana Câmpan, Gabriela Chiciudean, Rodica Chira, Sonia Elvireanu, Maria-Ana Tupan
  • Editorial
  • Maria-Ana Tupan
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  • The Age of the World Picture
  • Mark Kamrath
    Early America, American Theosophists, Modernity—and India
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  • Tuhin Bhattacharjee
    Indo-Greek Culture and Colonial Memory, or, Was Alexander a European?
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  • Corin Braga
    Marvelous India in Medieval European Representations
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  • Saswata Kusari
    Transforming Men: The Anglicisation of Bengali Masculinity in the Colonial Era
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  • Maureen Mulligan
    Representations of India in the Female Gaze: Four Women Travellers
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  • Baijayanti Mukhopadhyay & Modhurai Gangopadhyay
    A Deconstructive Perspective of India in the French Gaze in Tasleema Nasreen’s Farashi Premik (The French Lover)
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  • The Star in the East
  • Bidhan Mondal
    The Image of India and Hinduism in William Jones’ “Hymns” to Hindu Deities
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  • Sayantika Chakraborty
    The ‘Good’ European and his ‘Disinterested Mistress’: Mimicry and Aporia in John Masters
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  • Thirthankar Chakraborty
    The Metemsychotic Birds: An Exploration of Samuel Beckett’s Allusions to the Upanishads
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  • The Jewel in the Crown
  • Cassandra Galentine
    Colonized or Self-Colonizer: A Generational Journey Through Independence in E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
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  • Iti Roychowdhury, Amanpreet Randhawa
    Manifestations of Social Darwinism in Colonial Reflections: A Study of the Writings of Sahibs, Memsahibs and Others
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  • >Sutapa Dutta
    An Early Nineteenth Century Vade Mecum for India
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  • Debarati Goswami
    Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Imagined’ Indianness: Homogenized Othering as a Mimetic Response in Jane Eyre
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  • Fishers of Men
  • Enrico Beltramini
    Indian Religions in the Roman Catholics’ Gaze: 1920-1965
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  • Ayusman Chakraborty
    “I am black, but my soul is white”: the Christian Neophyte and his Alienation in 19th Century Anti-conversion Anglo-Indian Novels
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  • The Quest
  • Diana Câmpan
    Sacred Topoi of Mythical India in the Literary Work of Mihai Eminescu, the Romanian National Poet
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  • Sonia Elvireanu
    India as Object of Mircea Eliade’s Gaze
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  • Satarupa Sinha Roy
    Unsettling Landscapes: Landscape and the Entelechies of the Alienating Gaze in Kipling’s The City of Dreadful Night
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  • Monica Spiridon
    Eliade in the Looking Glass
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  • The Cartooned Picaro of the Digital Age
  • Anurima Chanda
    How Do the French have Fun in India: A Study of Representations in Tintin and Asterix
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  • Books Received and Reviewed
  • Himadri Lahiri
    Mapping South Asia through Contemporary Theatre: Essays on the Theatres of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Edited by Ashis Sengupta.
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  • Arnab Bhattacharya
    A Compelling Saga, Poignant yet not Maudlin: A Review of One Year for Mourning, a Novel by Ketaki Datta
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