Volume VII, Number 1, 2015

Special Issue on Digital Humanities

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  • Volume VII, Number 1, 2015

  • Contents

  • Editorial
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  • Digital Humanities, Big Data, and Literary Studies: Mapping European Literatures in the 21st Century
    Carolina Ferrer, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada
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  • Big Data and the Arts
    Miguel Ángel Medina Torres, University of Málaga
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  • Digital Humanities: An attempt to place itself in a new modernity
    Dibyajyoti Ghosh, Jadavpur University
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  • An Electronic Edition of Eighteenth-Century Drama Manuscripts: Performing for Editing
    Isabel Pinto, Catholic University of Portugal
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  • Infinite Ways to Make Profit: Digital Labour and Surveillance on Social Networking Sites
    Rianka Roy, Jadavpur University
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  • The Schizoids and Daydreamers in Cyberspace
    Azam Dashti Khavidaki, Shahid Beheshti University
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  • CRBTs, LMAOs, ROFLs: Curtailing emotions through cyber-acronyms
    Arafat Mohammad Noman, East West University
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  • Selfie and the experience of the virtual image
    Gabriela Farías, Mexico.
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  • Playing with Boundaries: Posthuman Digital Narratives in RealSelf.com
    Sucharita Sarkar, D.T.S.S College of Commerce, Mumbai
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  • An Unfinished Perfection: The Unfinished Swan Examined Phenomenologically
    Soham Ganguly, Kolkata
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  • Digitalizing the Narratives: Structural Analysis of Far Cry 3
    Eeshan Ali and Arijit Karati, Indian School of Mines, Jharkhand
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  • History First-hand: Memory, the Player and the Video Game Narrative in the Assassin’s Creed Games
    Lakshmi Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru University
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  • The Ontology Of Digital Life: Art and Healing In Second Life
    Rob Harle, Australia
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  • Calculation in Art: The Inconspicuous Heuristics of Computation
    Judson Wright, Pump Orgin, New York, USA
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  • Book Reviews
  • The Digital Media Handbook (2nd Edition) by Andrew Dewdney and Peter Ride
    Reviewed by Rohit K Dasgupta. University of Southampton
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  • Digital Literary Studies: Corpus Approaches to Poetry, Prose, and Drama, edited by David L. Hoover, Jonathan Culpeper, and Kieran O’Halloran
    Reviewed by P. Prayer Elmo Raj, Pachaiyappa’s College
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  • Artworks
  • technoMetamorphosis
    Artworks by Rob Harle
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