Vol. 8 No. 2, 2016

Special Issue on
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Education

In collaboration with
Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India

Guest edited by
Dr. Mihir Kumar Mallick
Prof & Head, School of Education, Lovely Professional University

Volume 8, Number 2, 2016

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Dinesh Kumar
Developing and Using Blends: Evaluating a Hybrid Micro-Skill for New Teaching Paradigm
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Anshu Narad & Bilkees Abdullah
Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students: Influence of Parental Encouragement and School Environment
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Mihir K. Mallick & Simranjit kaur
Academic Resilience among Senior Secondary School Students: Influence of Learning Environment
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Tisha Singh
Relating Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Commitment though Moderated Mediation of Psychological Well-being and Work Life Balance: A Study on Teachers of NGOs
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Nimisha Beri & Manisha Jain
Personal Growth Initiative among Undergraduate Students in Relation to Emotional Self-efficacy and General Well-being
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Neelam Sharma & Nidhi Sharma
Effect of Yogic and Recreational Activities for Improving Self-injurious and Aggression Behavior of Autistic Children
Abstract Full Text PDF
Ripudaman Singh
Female Literacy and Economic Development in India
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Devdeep Chakarvarti & Manohar Lal
Emotional Intelligence and Its Association with Social Physique Anxiety and Performance among Sprinters
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E.A. Dyganova & Z. M. Yavgildina
Culture of Self-Education of the Teacher-Musician
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Gurpal S. Rana
Bricklaying with Mortar: Prosodic Orientation to English Language Teaching
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J.P. Aggarwal
Subversion, Perversion and the Aesthetics of Eroticism In The Bluest Eye, Beloved and Song of Soloman of Toni Morrison
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Tanat Titiworatat & Vichian Puncreobutr
A Case Study of Educational Management Readiness in Educating People
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Surapee Akomkong & Vichian Puncreobutr
Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture of Educational Institutions along Thai-Lao borders
Abstract Full Text PDF
N. K. Abishev, V. A. Dalinger & Y. K. Bidaibekov,
Higher Education in Russia and Kazakhstan in Modern Condition
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I. Ilina, E. Kryukova, A. Zotova & E. Kuznetsova, E. Nakhratova
Teachers of Russian Higher Educational Institutions in Professional Labor Market
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E. A. Martynova, E. N. Rodina, E. N. Chekushkina & R. G. Kostina
Innovative Resource Dynamics in Pedagogical Higher Educational Institution
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J.G. Kheswa
Exploring the Impact of Discrimination on the Psychological Well-being of Lesbian Students at South African University Campus
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